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OEM SMT PCB Assembly DIP Production Line Printed Circuits Board

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อย่างดี ชุดบอร์ด PCB
very nice service, price is competitive and reasonable, delivery is fast and on time, I like working with your company.

—— Jeff

you guys offer very good quality product and quick response on quotes, I am very happy and satisfied. thanks for all your support.

—— Dennis


smt ประกอบ pcb

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OEM SMT PCB Assembly DIP Production Line Printed Circuits Board

ประเทศจีน OEM SMT PCB Assembly DIP Production Line Printed Circuits Board ผู้ผลิต

ภาพใหญ่ :  OEM SMT PCB Assembly DIP Production Line Printed Circuits Board


Place of Origin: China
ชื่อแบรนด์: HUASWIN
ได้รับการรับรอง: ISO/UL/RoHS
Model Number: HSPCBA1076


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 sets
ราคา: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Anti-static bag + Anti-static bubble wrap + Good quality carton box
Delivery Time: 15-20 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month

electronic circuit board assembly


surface mount pcb assembly

OEM PCB PCBA Assembly Service, SMT DIP Production Line, Shenzhen Printed Circuits Board Assembly


1. Material Sourcing Service

2. SMT assembly and Through hole components insertion 
3. IC pre-programming / Burning on-line
4. Function testing as requested 
5. Complete Unit assembly ( which including plastics, metal box, Coil, cable inside etc) 
6. Packing design 
7. Quantities range from prototype to medium batch production. 
8.100% E-Test



PCB capability and services: 

1. Single-sided, double-sided & multi layer PCB (up to 30 layers)
2. Flexible PCB (up to 10 layers)
3. Rigid-flex PCB (up to 8 layers) 
4. CEM-1, CEM-3 FR-4, FR-4 High TG, Polyimide, Aluminum-based material. 
5. HAL, HAL lead free, Immersion Gold/ Silver/Tin, Hard Gold, OSP surface treatment. 
6. Printed Circuit Boards are 94V0 compliant, and adhere to IPC610 Class 2 international PCB standard. 
7. Quantities range from prototype to volume production. 
8. 100% E-Test 


PCB Assembly services: 
SMT Assembly 

Automatic Pick & Place 
Component Placement as Small as 0201 
Fine Pitch QEP - BGA 
Automatic Optical Inspection 
Through-hole Assembly 

Wave Soldering 
Hand Assembly and Soldering 
Material Sourcing 
IC pre-programming / Burning on-line 
Function testing as requested 
Aging test for LED and Power boards
Complete unit assembly (which including plastics, metal box, Coil, cable assembly etc) 
Packing design
Conformal coating

Both dip-coating and vertical spray coating is available. Protecting non-conductive dielectric layer that is 
applied onto the printed circuit board assembly to protect the electronic assembly from damage due to 
contamination, salt spray, moisture, fungus, dust and corrosion caused by harsh or extreme environments.
 When coated, it is clearly visible as a clear and shiny material.


Complete box build

Complete 'Box Build' solutions including materials management of all components, electromechanical parts, 
plastics, casings and print & packaging material


Testing Methods

AOI Testing
Checks for solder paste 
Checks for components down to 0201" 
Checks for missing components, offset, incorrect parts, polarity
X-Ray Inspection
X-Ray provides high-resolution inspection of: 
Bare boards 

In-Circuit Testing
In-Circuit Testing is commonly used in conjunction with AOI minimizing functional defects caused by 
component problems. 
Power-up Test
Advanced Function Test
flash Device Programming
Functional testing





Products are applied to a wide range of High-tech industries such as: LED, telecommunication, computer application, lighting, game machine, industrial control, power, automobile and high-end consumer electronics, ect. By unremitting work and effort to the marketing, products exports to American, Canada, Europe counties, Africa and other Asia-pacific countries

Huaswin Electronics Co.,Limited

ผู้ติดต่อ: Ms. Vicky Lee

โทร: +8613632657851

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